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Schedule change (Posted 04/16/2014 1:41 PM)

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Martz Trailways
April 9, 2014

To: All Passengers

Re: Schedule Adjustments



Please note the changes to our schedules effective Monday 4/28/14


Inbound to NY-

Run #113 will include stops at Park & Ride and Stroudsburg/DWG

Run #113: Wilkes Barre 7:20am, PNR 8:35am, DWG 8:40am


Run #169 will no longer include the Blakeslee stop at 4:50am

Run #169: MtP 5:15am, PNR 5:45am, to NY/Wall Street


Run #329 will leave 10 minutes earlier from the West End

Run #329: EFF 11:50am, BRD 12pm, SNY 12:10pm, DWG 12:30pm


Outbound from NY-

Run #302 will end in Effort; the Blakeslee stop has been cancelled

Run #302: Port 2:30pm, DWG 3:50, PNR 3:55, SNY 4:05, BRD 4:20, EFF 4:35


Run #136 & 136W will end in Effort; the Blakeslee stop has been cancelled.

Run #136: Port 3:15pm, SNY 5:15, BRD 5:30, EFF 5:35pm

Run #136W: Port 3:15, DWG 4:55, PNR 5pm, SNY 5:15, BRD 5:30, EFF 5:35pm

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Easter (Posted 03/28/2014 11:33 AM)

Re: Easter Weekend


Thursday April 17, 2014


New York –Regular schedule with the following addition:


8:30pm Port/DWG/P&R/MtP/Scr/WB


Philadelphia - Regular schedule.


Friday April 18, 2014


New York -Regular schedule with the following additions and cancellations.


Additions to New York                                                   Additions from New York


#157   5:10am P&R/Port/ Wall St.                        Gate 29 - 10:30am Port/DWG/P&R/MtP/Scr/WB

     The Port is added for today                             Gate 29 - 12:30pm Port/DWG/P&R/West End/Blks

                                                                              Gate 25 -   1:05pm Port/PV/DWG/P&R/MtP/Scr/WB

                                                                              Gate 29 -   1:30pm Port/DWG/P&R/MtP/Toby

                                                                              Gate 23 - 2:00pm Port/DWG/P&R/MtP

                                                                              Gate 23 -   3:10pm Port/PV/DWG/P&R/MtP/Scr/WB


        #350 7:45am from the Port / Mt. Pocono added for today

                                                                         #330 5:20pm from the Port / Panther Valley added for today


Cancellations to New York                                             Cancellations from New York


#333 4:25am P&R/Port/Uptown                                 #158 4:05pm Port/West End

#171 4:55am Eff/Brd/Sny/P&R/Wall St.                     #148 4:15pm Port/DWG/P&R

#187 5:10am P&R/Wall St.                                        #164 5:00pm Wall St/ P&R/MtP/Toby

#179 5:40am DWG/Port                                            #172 5:25pm Wall St./P&R/West End

                                                                                   #152 5:30pm Port/P&R/Rt. 209 P&R

                                                                                   #198 5:45pm Port/DWG/P&R/Toby

                                                                                   #176 6:50pm Port/DWG/P&R/Toby


Philadelphia –Regular schedule.


Saturday April 19, 2014


New York – a Regular Saturday schedule with following additions:


Gate 29 - 10:40am Port/DWG/MTP/SCR/WB

Gate 31 -   2:45pm Port/P&R/MtP


Philadelphia – Regular Saturday schedule.


Sunday April 20, 2014


New York – Regular Sunday schedule with extra buses added where needed.


Philadelphia –Regular Sunday schedule.

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Facebook and Twitter (Posted 03/24/2011 10:14 AM)

Martz Trailways is now on Twitter and Facebook ! Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter to get instant updates on Schedule changes, road and weather delays, holiday updates and UNfare Specials offering discounts on New York, Atlantic City, Sands and Mt Airy Casinos.

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